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‘Bill Nye Saves the World’ Renewed For Season 2, Because Twitter Proves We Need It


Guess who’s back? Back again? Bill is back, tell a friend. That’s right, Bill Nye is coming back to Netflix for season two of “Bill Nye Saves the World.”

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According to the official summary provided by Netflix, “Bill Nye Saves the World” is a show where “Emmy-winning host Bill Nye brings experts and famous guests to his lab for a talk show exploring scientific issues that touch our lives.” The first season explored how science connects to topics such as politics, pop culture, and society, and featured correspondents to help present each episode, including fashion model Karlie Kloss, science YouTuber Derek Muller, and comedian Nazeem Hussain.

In addition to his correspondents, Nye would also bring in special guests to appear in each episode such as Zach Braff, Tim Gunn, and Donald Faison, among others. The show’s theme song was also produced by rapper Tyler, The Creator.  

“Saving the world turns out to be a big, complicated task, so we’re coming back for Season 2. We want people to view issues in our society through the lens of science and to be inspired and informed about the role it plays in our everyday lives,” Nye said in a statement.

The 13-episode first season premiered on April 21, 2017. While we don’t have an official release date just yet, we hope that Season 2 will grace our Netflix queues by the end of this year. 

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