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Armie Hammer Will Dance to Any Song in the ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Meme of Our Dreams — Watch


It was only a matter of time. Sony Pictures Classics celebrated National Coming Out Day by releasing a new clip from Luca Guadagnino’s “Call Me By Your Name” that may or may not be your favorite 43 seconds at the movies this year. The scene, titled Dance Party, finds Armie Hammer’s character letting lose on the dance floor of an Italian outdoor club. Calling Hammer’s dance moves lovably goofy would be an understatement.

Naturally Twitter has already turned the scene into a viral meme, taking out the Psychedelic Furs track “Love My Way” that accompanies the scene and replacing it with a variety of different music, from Rihanna to Lorde, Journey, Daddy Yankee, and more. Even the “Game of Thrones” theme song is used. Armie Hammer being Armie Hammer, it’s only obvious his dance moves synch up perfectly to almost any song.

“Call Me By Your Name” stars Hammer opposite Timothée Chalamet. Sony Pictures Classics is releasing the acclaimed drama in theaters November 22. Watch the original scene below, followed by the endlessly watchable remixes. Head to @armiedancingto for the complete collection.

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Known for making explosive investigative documentaries, Oscar winner Alex Gibney attempts to uncover the dark truth behind a 20-year-old pub massacre during a World Cup viewing in Northern Ireland. Though investigators described the crime scene as a ‘forensic goldmine,’ no one was ever arrested for the murders. In “No Stone Unturned,” Gibney continues his legacy of hard-hitting conspiracy documentaries that includes “Going Clear: Scientology & the Prison of Belief,” “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room,” and his Oscar-winning film, “Taxi to the Dark Side.” The new trailer hints at a massive government cover-up, evidence tampering, and secret political maneuvers.

“I’ll never forget their words: We will leave no stone unturned,” says one tearful woman, speaking of the investigation. “Those words ring in my ear to this day, because I don’t think they ever left a stone, never mind turned it.” Others interviewed seem just as emotional, angry, and confused about what really happened 20 years ago.

Per the official synopsis: “Employing the methodology of a forensics expert, the instincts of a bloodhound and a constant sense of forward momentum…Gibney creates a tour de force of investigative journalism and cinematic realism out of a real-life mystery, and tragedy — about neighbors murdering neighbors, a government betraying its people, and the survivors living with the ever-present fear that the person next to them on the grocery line might the killer of their father, husband or brother.”

Watch the trailer below:

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