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Donald Trump Watched ‘The Greatest Showman’ Last Night but Has Somehow Resisted the Urge to Tweet About It


Every so often, we hear about the viewing habits of former presidents. Jimmy Carter watched hundreds during his one term in office, and Bill Clinton once told Roger Ebert that “the best perk of the White House is not Air Force One or Camp David or anything else, it’s the wonderful movie theater I get here.” Donald Trump is better known for watching hours and hours of cable a day — especially “Fox & Friends,” apparently his favorite show — but last night he made time for a musical.

“Today’s pool reporter confirms that the president and his guests watched THE GREATEST SHOWMAN at Camp David last night,” tweeted Chris Geidner of BuzzFeed News. Trump’s tweets this morning were among his most unhinged yet, so it would seem he was too busy assuring the world that he’s “like, really smart” and “a very stable genius” to share his thoughts on Hugh Jackman’s singing abilities.

“The Greatest Showman” has earned middling reviews, but it’s easy to see what drew Trump to the story of an attention-grabbing performer.

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Paul King, who directed both “Paddington” movies, had this to say:

“The ‘Paddington’ films are a real labour of love. So many people pour their hearts and souls into them for months or even years, hand-crafting every last frame, and we are all incredibly grateful for the overwhelmingly positive response we’ve had so far. We hope it inspires people to go to the cinema to see for themselves if a talking animal film really can be any good, and whether Hugh Grant really can look devilishly handsome even while dressed as a nun. (Clue: yes.)”

Ben Whishaw voices the beloved bear, with Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Hugh Grant, Jim Broadbent, Brendan Gleeson, and Julie Walters co-starring. “Paddington 2” is now in theaters.

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