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Action Plan

Okay guys, here’s the plan……….

When you go into your local Black African  business to spend money look for the AUD registration, which should be on a wall and ready for you to fill in to start making payments. If you do not see the AUD registration please contact us with the details of the shop. We will see to it that the registration is placed inside the shop.

 We intent to purchase land wholesale for real food production, farming, and building industry, infrastructure. Ultimately contributing to all the economies of the great African continent. To carry forward such an enormous task we ask on our people of the African diaspora to continuously donate as much or as little as they can. Thank you.

All donations will be used to carry out the necessary strategies in order to bring about the return of all Africans in the “Diaspora”. All action will be transparent on the website. Please look out for video bloggs, photographs, books,  and descriptive articles  documenting what is taking place.