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Mission Statement

The word “Diaspora” was first used to describe the scattering of the Jews after the 5th Century BCE. The meaning of the word “Diaspora” literally means dispersion or scattering .

Africans the world over and people of melenated ethnicity have suffered mainly due to a psychological, sociological, economical, and relentless ethical war that is being constantly waged on the people. This may sound harsh to ears that have never heard of such malevolent activity carried out on unsuspecting citizens the world over, but one look at the history of slavery upon the African people will tell you that such activity is not only rife, but highly profitable for groups to carry out on unsuspecting citizens.

It is in all of our interests as African people to protect, serve, procreate, and essentially prosper our people to the greatness that was once attributed to our ancient kingdoms. The mistreatment of our people anywhere is the mistreatment of our people everywhere. African leaders and Business people must make it mandatory that they help, assist, invest, and confide in one another every opportunity that they are presented with. As John F Kennedy once so famously said “Do not ask what Africa can do for you, but what you can do for Africa” You by your very scientific and biological make up belong in the Sun with nature and to deny yourself of the very thing that makes you the Mother and Father of the Planet is deny your very existence.

Mother Africa cries a longing cry to her long lost children, that they should return and put things right. Corporations with sophisticated strategies of robbery, pillage, and plight  are the bandits whom seek to destroy the home of the African along with her children.

Our mission statement is a truthful one. It is a revolutionary mission statement that screams at the Africans in the diaspora to learn how to take greater responsibility for what is taking place in your continent.

We intent to purchase land wholesale for real food production, farming, and building industry, infrastructure, and ultimately contributing to all the economies of the great African continent. To carry forward such an enormous task we ask on our people of the African diaspora to continuously donate as much or as little as they can. Thank you.