David Harbour Loves That He Became a Sex Symbol For Having Love Handles and A ‘Dad Bod’


David Harbour had been acting for over a decade in film and television before landing the role of Chief Jim Hopper in Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” so it’s not too surprising to hear the actor never thought he’d be as famous as he is nowadays. But Harbour became something more than just famous in Season 2: He became a full blown sex symbol.

The actor’s form-fitting police outfit, extremely lovable dance moves, and irresistible daddy-ness made him the sexiest part of “Stranger Things 2,” and the internet took notice with plenty of gifs and articles saluting television’s sexiest daddy. Harbour, who received an Emmy nomination for his performance and is currently nominated for a Golden Globe, recently told Variety that he loves his sex symbol status, mainly because he got to become one by rocking love handles and a “dad bod.”

“In this business, certainly it’s a lot crazier for women than it is for men, but there’s such a thing where there’s a lot of judgment on the way you look, and on your body,’ Harbour said. “The fact is for years I had been trapped in a certain narcissism and a desire to have a certain body and look sexy. The fact that I got famous and become a sex symbol around my normal frumpy love-handled self is so gratifying. And dare I say culturally gratifying as well.”

“What makes someone sexy in my mind is who they are. It’s not necessarily how they look. If you have a dad bod, if you wear it well, and still shake your hips pretty good, I feel like you too can be a sex symbol!” Harbour continued. “I think that’s what we should venerate as sexy. Not people who eat organic chicken all day and spend nine hours at the gym. That’s not a society that I really care about.”

Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Courtesy Netflix

Harbour shed the weight from “Stranger Things 2” and got in tip-top shape to play the titular character in the new “Hellboy ” movie, but he’s currently getting that dad bod back for the third season of the Netflix series. Harbour told Variety he’s eating six donuts a day to get back in daddy shape.

As for the scene in which Hopper busts out a dance move while listening to Jim Croce, which quickly became one of the best gifs of 2017, Harbour had this to say: “I thought Jim Croce would have a huge resurgence. All the kids are going to be reintroduced to Jim Croce, who I fucking love. But the fucking silly little dance that I do? I thought that was going to be overlooked. But unfortunately Jim Croce has not had the tremendous resurgence that I wanted him to, but my dance GIF has become a huge thing. It’s as funny to me as it is to anyone else. Let’s all enjoy him dancing!”

Unfortunately, Harbour says we shouldn’t expect to see daddy Hopper back on Netflix until sometime in 2019. “I’m not the authority on any of this, but if you use logic, our first season came out July 15. Our second season came out October 27. Theoretically, if we keep on the same timeline, what’s our next release date? I guess it would be January or February 2019,” he said.

“Stranger Things” first two seasons are now streaming on Netflix.

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Paul Reiser on Reviving ‘Mad About You’: ‘There’s Still Comedy To Be Mined’


For many years, Paul Reiser refused to even entertain the notion of revisiting his 1990s sitcom “Mad About You.” But clearly, he has come around: TVLine reported on Tuesday that Sony Pictures TV is developing a revival of the romantic comedy.

“Mad About You” was part of NBC’s successful “Must See TV” stable of sitcoms and ran for seven seasons, from 1992 to 1999. The comedy, which Reiser created with Danny Jacobson, starred Reiser and Helen Hunt as Paul and Jamie Buchman, a young couple living in New York. The decision to potentially revive “Mad About You” comes following NBC’s successful return of “Will & Grace” and ABC’s impending revisit of “Roseanne.” Other hit reboots have included “The X-Files,” “Full House” and “Gilmore Girls.”

No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover Usage.Mandatory Credit: Photo by David Rose/ABC-TV/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock (5872013d)Helen Hunt, Paul ReiserMad About You - 1992-1999ABC-TVTelevision

Helen Hunt, Paul Reiser, “Mad About You”


“People were asking about bringing ‘Mad About You,’ and for years I said no, why would you?” Reiser told IndieWire in October. “Literally for 18 years I was adamant, no. Why would you go back? We did it, it was done, we had a finale we were very happy with and it seemed final. And then only recently I thought, maybe.”

Reiser said his sticking point was the fact that “Mad About You” was a story about newlyweds, “and you’re not going to go back at 60 and do a show about young newlyweds. But I said, maybe there’s a story of where is that couple now. To me, that could be fun.”

Indeed, per TVLine, the revived “Mad About You” would focus on “Paul and Jamie grappling with empty-nest syndrome in the wake of now-17-year-old daughter Mabel’s admission to college.”

No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover UsageMandatory Credit: Photo by Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock (3435404m)Helen Hunt, Yoko Ono, Paul ReiserMad About You - 1990s

Helen Hunt, Yoko Ono, Paul Reiser


That’s similar to what Reiser said he was thinking about this fall. “I’m not sure it’s worth doing, or if there’s a need to do it. But actually there’s something about picking up in the arc of a life. In certain shows, like ‘Mad About You,’ you follow the lives of these people. It might be an interesting story to see what happens 25 years down the road, what all they’ve gone through. And then I thought well maybe there’s something fun to it. I tell people I’m not as adverse to it as I was. I think there could be a fun story in picking up that couple.”

Reiser pointed out that the original “Mad About You” was based on his standup at the time, and a “Mad About You” revisit, nearly 20 years later, could also take from what he talks about today on stage.

“[Back then it] was about my new marriage and it was all new to me,” he said. “It was all funny and darkly frustrating and all those things. When I’m out doing standup now it’s all the stuff I’m talking about but instead of being newlyweds, it’s about what it’s like when your kids are grown or teenagers or moving out. And what does that do to a marriage after 25 years. There’s still comedy to be mined in there.”

Reiser admitted that he’s still not a fan of revivals, but he can’t resist: “I never itch for any shows to be rebooted but if there’s something fun to do in this one, I could be persuaded. It’s possible.”

No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover UsageMandatory Credit: Photo by Moviestore/REX/Shutterstock (3435404e)Helen HuntMad About You - 1990s

“Mad About You”


“Mad About You” also starred Anne Ramsay, Leila Kenzle, John Pankow, and Richard Kind (plus Maui as Murray the dog). The show earned Hunt four consecutive Primetime Emmy Awards for outstanding lead actress in a comedy, and was nominated for outstanding comedy five times.

Like the “Will & Grace” finale, “Mad About You” ended its run with a flashforward — which means some events will have to be tweaked. The finale featured a grown up Mabel, now a filmmaker, recounting her parents’ story (including their split) 22 years into the future.

Reiser is coming off a busy fall that included three series on three different streaming services: Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” Amazon’s “Red Oaks” and Hulu’s “There’s… Johnny!” (which he produced). Hunt recently starred in Fox’s “Shots Fired.”

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